Statement of Philosophy

At Little Learners Centre, West Ryde, we believe that connection leads learning. We know children learn best when they feel secure and connected to familiar people who genuinely care about their health, safety and wellbeing, so our commitment is to the development of warm and nurturing relationships, first and foremost.

We see children as competent and powerful thinkers with a right to enable and enact change in their worlds. We believe play is essential and purposeful and that knowledge is empowerment. We advocate for all children to experience moments of curiosity, exploration and problem solving in an atmosphere of warmth, affection and respect where their needs are met and their identity is supported to actualise. We believe that children develop the capacity for creative thinking, problem-solving and socialisation through the co-construction of knowledge with others as well as through free and unstructured imaginative play. We know that children have a natural desire to learn in environments which are hands on where educators act as intentional facilitators of play. We believe our role is to develop a whole view of the child, form meaningful connections and use this foundation to build positive relationships to learning which is lifelong.

We strive to be a place where children can freely develop a sense of agency to “Inquire, Explore, Discover!” in a setting where families feel they are respected partners. It is important parents feel very welcome to join us, belong to and contribute to our service culture and know that their expertise is valued and that their child is "In Safe Hands".

We commit ourselves to embracing the diversity of our community and the histories of each individual. We hope the relationships and memories formed here will be meaningful to each of our intersecting lives so that our service may become an enduring legacy within our community and a place for all to feel welcomed to return to.

We endeavour to not only connect with children but with families and the community alike. We view these relationships as valuable assets that lead to our own continual learning as educators. We believe that high quality educators are never finished learning and use deep, critical reflection to guide all service decisions. We strive to embed high quality practices, to provide a service to children and families that enable them to feel connected, and promote the best possible learning outcomes for all.

Finally, we believe that it is not sufficient for us to merely educate- we must also advocate for the rights of education for all.

Mission Statement - Connection Leads Learning, Relationships are who we are.

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