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We believe the purpose of a child care centre is to create an environment where the children are free to explore, find what interests them and grow. It is a place where the children are allowed to develop their sense of agency, autonomy, inter-dependence and resilience. The centre will provide an environment with rich and diverse experiences and resources within a holistic learning framework. It will follow a play-based pedagogy where the experiences are directed to the children’s strengths and interests. The experiences will challenge and engage the children and work towards what is best for each individual child. Additionally, the centre will be a place where educators can keep learning. There will be opportunities for educators to help and learn from each other and have opportunities to extend their professional development. The better our educators become the more the children benefit.



The centre will aid in creating a nurturing environment, we believe the educators must develop the children’s sense of belonging in the centre. This can be achieved when the children feel accepted, develop attachments and trust those that care for them. We believe a safe, secure, supportive and nurturing environment is a requirement for a child’s development. When the children feel safe, secure and supported, their sense of belonging and being is strengthened. A key belief of LLC is that the educators should get down to the child’s level, play with the children, listen to the children and pay attention to them. When this happens, stronger bonds form between the educators and the children. The children feel that they matter to the educator. This leads them to become more confident and to explore and develop their sense of becoming.


LLC believes the socio-cultural environment is critical in building the child’s sense of agency, confidence and sense of identity. Parents, educators, community, and the culture the individuals bring to the environment shapes the way the children learns and develops. To help create a nurturing environment, we believe it is critical to collaborate with the families to form a bridge between the centre and home. Children learn by observing, imitating and modelling, and the first people they look up to are their family members. In turn, the family become experts on the child, therefore getting to know the families, and listening to their expertise on the child will help facilitate creating experiences that the child is familiar with. In turn, we share our expertise as educators with the families so that the child has an opportunity to learn outside the centre. We believe the families are partners in the children’s development.



LLC believes the children shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves. Their role in getting a quality care and education is to be open to learning, to new experiences, to challenge themselves, to play, to rest, etc. Children need to cry if they are upset, laugh when they are happy. This way, educators can better understand the children and better adapt the curriculum to suit the individual child. The children need to take an active part in their learning to find out what interests them and create their own identity.


Additionally, LLC believes, every child, whatever their race, religion, abilities, whatever they think or say, whatever type of family they come from has the right to attend the child care centre. We believe children come to the child care centre with their own unique culture and experiences. Their family and community have begun to shape their identity. By allowing such diversity into the centre, the children learn to accept and respect diversity and are able to be tolerant when they encounter people that are different to them in their future.