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Outdoor play area

LLC has a dedicated outdoor play area of approximately 450sqm mindfully designed by TGS and professionally executed by Anthony from Childcare Developments Group to exceed the requirements for our little learners. Our approved provider and educators are also working on movable equipment that will be cycled throughout  the year to provide for a constant new and exciting environment!


Some of the base fixtures to compliment all of the tropical garden beds, our AstroTurf play areas and our large shaded area include:


  • An infinity shaped dry river bed consisting of large stone boulders, decorative gravel and sand creating a calming natural serenity.
  • Climbing structures surrounded by a bike track creating a fun exercising area.
  • A drinking trough with triple bubblers to provide for constant hydration. 
  • A dedicated area in our tropical corner consisting of native plants and movable timber boxes for sitting, stacking, building and passive creative play.
  • A recessed sandpit with accessories for diverse explorative play opportunities.
  • A self controlled irrigation system using rainwater promoting sustainability and ensuring our garden beds will flourish and blossom. 


Our outdoor area will create a magnificent area not just for our little ones but also for our highly passionate educators.