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Since the introduction of the NQF (National Quality Framework), many early childhood academics, advocates and educators are trying to role model a change in people’s language from “childcare centre/pre school” to “early childhood sector” to reflect the industry accordingly.


Early childhood sectors have experienced a major shift and are no longer just a place where children are left to play in order to give families time flexibility - it is much more then that. It is an environment where children are exposed to qualified educators and teachers working in conjunction with families, helping shape each child to become their own best being whilst being surrounded by peers of their own age group.


LLC incorporates the NQF and understands that as an education and care service we are sharing the responsibility with our young families in the development of our future generations. 


LLC’s strive for continual excellence and quality approach for our front line is simple and starts from our foundations:-


1- Our educators and teachers, with passion, knowledge, values and beliefs being a staple in all of our staff selection process. 


2- A high quality environment, created and underpinned by both the NQF and EYLF.


LLC incorporates the latest cutting edge early childhood programs and applications which has come from decades of industry developments within the sector. This ensures we are giving our little ones the best possible start.


Additionally, it is a place that works in conjunction with other education services like primary schools to incorporate programs for a smooth and efficient transition as children graduate to higher levels.


Families should consider the above when deciding if they should enrol their children into an early childhood environment. The early childhood sector is just as an important element as primary and high school in their development phase. 


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