General Terms & Conditions

The following outlines the terms and conditions of your child’s enrolment at Little Learner’s Centre. These terms and conditions make reference to the services policies and procedures, which are available upon request. These policies and procedures are in place to ensure that each child’s enrolment is completed according to legislative requirements.

You confirm that you are the parent or legal guardian of the registered child.

As a person who has lawful authority of the child referred to in this form, you declare that:

  • The information you have provided is true and accurate.
  • You will notify the service promptly if there are any changes to this information.
  • You will collect the child referred to if he/she becomes unwell whilst in care.
  • You will consent to the provision of medical care if reasonably required including emergency ambulance at your expense to be reimbursed.
  • You will consent to the administration of medication under agreement.
  • In case of a medical condition, dietary requirement or any other additional needs, you are responsible for providing an Action Plan and supporting documentation to LLC, before the child’s attendance to the service.
  • You must provide your Child’s Medication to LLC’s staff if the registered child has a Medical Action Plan that requires Medication to be administered. You must also agree that the centre will store or display the medication in a way that is easily accessible.
  • Your Child’s enrolment will not be accepted if their immunisation history statement is not up to date, additionally you will be required to ensure any future immunisations are completed within 2 weeks of their due date whilst your child is enrolled. (This is monitored closely and you will be prompted). Your place may be withdrawn if you do not comply.
  • You understand it is the legal guardian’s responsibility for the quality of the prescription medication including expiry date that is to be administered to the registered child.
  • You will be required to complete a Risk Minimisation plan with the person in day to day charge on your child’s first day, as per government legislation.
  • You will agree for staff to apply sunscreen to your child, if you do not provide such.
  • You will read and agree to the fees, payment structure and policies of the service.
  • You will understand the intent of the service to recover costs for any unpaid fees including the provision of late fees in addition.
  • You agree if the child does not meet the LLC policies for standards of behaviour or otherwise demonstrates inappropriate behaviour after guidance procedures have been implemented, LLC reserves the right to suspend the child’s enrolment for a notified period or to exclude the child permanently from the Service. When requested by LLC’s staff, you will immediately make arrangements to collect from the Service venue a child who has been suspended or excluded.
  • You will ensure that the registered child will not attend the Service if they are suffering from an infectious or communicable disease as identified by the Department of Health. LLC staff will not accept a child at the Service if it appears to them that the child is suffering from an infectious or communicable disease, or in the opinion of the LLC’s staff is too unwell to attend the Service. If the nominated supervisor or fellow employees reasonably believe a child or adult may have a fever they may be excluded from the service. All stakeholders who enter the service, do so on the condition that they agree to have their temperature tested by a service representative. You must advise the service if you or your child develop symptoms of COVID-19 or if it is confirmed. A written clearance will need to be provided by a doctor confirming you or your child is not infectious and are cleared to return to care.
  • You will agree to list an Authorised Nominee AND an Emergency Contact to collect the child and maintain their contact information.
  • You will maintain all medical information including any changes to your child’s medical management plan.
  • You will agree to list a General Practitioner AND a Dentist and to collect and maintain their contact information.
  • You will understand that your child’s place can be withdrawn with (2) two weeks notice and that priority may be given to families with higher needs.
  • You will agree that educators and students may observe and document your child’s participation in the program.
  • You give permission for the registered child to participate in all program activities included in the Services, and on those days, for which the child is registered, including watching occasional G rated videos/movies.
  • You will agree to contribute and cooperate with the nominated supervisor in relation to your child and provide feedback in a manner which is constructive and discretionary.
  • You will agree to exhibiting respectful behaviour at the service at all times.
  • LLC is not liable for any personal injury, property damage, personal items or other loss, due to any cause whatsoever, which is sustained by the registered child or their parent or guardian, as a result of participation in a Service activity (including excursions), unless the injury, damage or loss was caused by the proven negligence of LLC, its directors or employees, except as otherwise expressly required by law.
  • You will indemnify LLC (including its directors, officers and employees) against any costs, expenses or liability incurred as a result of any injury to any other child, LLC staff or any other person, or any loss or damage to property, which is caused by the registered child at the Service venue or at an excursion location.
  • In the course of providing its child care and educational programs, Little Learners Centre will normally take photographs, videos and/or sound recordings of the participating children. LLC believes that you would reasonably expect us to use such photographs, videos and/or sound recordings for the following purposes, as they are directly related to and essential in order for LLC to provide you and your children with the full benefits of the LLC child care and educational programs:
  • archival records of your child’s participation
  • reporting to parents and guardians
  • documenting learning experiences
  • sharing experiences in your child’s school and within the LLC program through various media (e.g. newsletters, visual displays, emails to families),
  • development of LLC professional educational material for training purposes and internal LLC communications. These photographs, videos and sound recordings are not used by LLC for biometric matching or identification and are not provided to any third party. You may withdraw your implied consent to this condition at any time through written notice, but in such case, LLC may be unable to fully deliver its program to your child.
  • 27. CCTV cameras are available in playrooms except bathrooms and families understand when joining the service the terms and conditions outlined in the CCTV policy are supplemented in the family handbook. Families do not have right of access to this footage for purposes of privacy and confidentiality.

Use for Additional Purposes

LLC requests your consent to using such photographs, videos and/or sound recordings of your children for the following additional purposes:

  • advertising and marketing of the LLC child care and educational programs,
  • sharing experiences on social media.

Your consent is automatically provided by agreeing to these Terms & Conditions unless specified otherwise in writing that has been signed and dated by the director and the guardian.

Changes in Terms & Conditions

Due to changing government regulations, and our constant enhancement of the Services, we may need to amend terms and conditions from time to time. If we do, we will notify you of any amendments, and you shall have the right to cancel your account without charge if you do not accept any such amendments. Cancellation will be effective from the date that you notify us.

The applicant including all legal parents and or guardians agree to the terms and conditions once the enrolment form is complete and relevant documentation has been received. Once the enrolment form has been received the service will begin to initiate and commence the orientation process.

Privacy Disclaimer

LLC acknowledges, respects and maintains the privacy of its clients, including the rights of the child. Any information collected prior or during your child’s enrolment with the service will be used to ensure the best possible care for your child. The service, employed educators and relevant government authorities will have rights to access this information. You also have the right to access or alter any personal information concerning yourself or your child in accordance with the Privacy Act and our service Confidentiality Policy.

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