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When Little Learners Centre went out to search for a builder, we had specific criteria that had to be met. With finding the fittest for this project being at the top of the list, we quickly found that the majority of builders were lacking experience in childcare specific applications. For us, it just wasn’t enough to have experience in commercial buildings, so we searched deeper and that’s when we came across Hanna’s Childcare Developments.

After numerous meetings with Anthony (Director of Childcare Developments Group), we had a very good gauge of his experience and extensive knowledge on not just childcare centres but also with requirements from the Department of Education. Building to the plans is satisfactory, but Anthony’s experience with building childcare centres over the years has given him an insight to all the “ifs” and “buts” that come about once the centres are being operated, thus allowing him to tweak every little detail to gain maximum benefits! This creates a childcare centre with absolutely no flaws from the get go, allowing for a safer, cleaner and much more efficient operation! This is why Little Learners have put there complete confidence in Hanna’s Developments and his team!


LLC will be owner-operated with hand picked staff to provide for a high quality education and care service centre. Our early childhood educators will take a holistic approach to pay attention to children's physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual well-being as well as cognitive aspects of learning. One of the benefits of having a centre that is owner-operated is the passion and care that is put into the service, from generous budgets for resources to well looked after educators, LLC will be providing a premium high quality environment for your little ones!